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    Post by Joy on Sun 07 May 2017, 11:01 am

    Yet another east coast low was causing strong winds, heavy rain & large surf. The seas weren't quite so powerful when these videos were taken but were still fairly dangerous. The wind was stronger than the tree movement indicates & was buffeting me while I was taking the movies. This caused the occasional jerkiness, especially when using the zoom to take the movie of the bar, even though I was using a fence to steady the camera.

    The first section of this movie shows the seas pounding the bar at the entrance to the esturine river of our village. (This was taken, looking up the river to the bar, using full zoom on my camera.) The dark brown of the water is due to freshwater runoff from the wetlands. It is locally called tea water because of its colour. There will be no one heading out to sea today or the next few days for that matter.

    Big Seas from Joy Cooper on Vimeo.

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