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    Post by Glad E Olah on Sat 25 Feb 2017, 2:23 am

    At my house the 2017 has begun. A bit early but we are chancing it to see if we can save time. During the past week we have planted kale, lettuce, beets, spinach, carrots, and radishes. So far the seeds have not germinated yet.

    Normally February is one of our coldest months sometimes resulting in much snow fall. This year is different. We have experienced up to 75 degrees temps which makes you wanna garden for sure. Long term forecast is below freezing temps so if the seeds have germinated by that time we will need to cover during frost predictions. It has been know we can receive heavy frost as late as early May so gardening in Missouri you must take a chance at times.

    Remember those potato sprouts son and I planted back in October? Well yesterday I noticed some are coming up. This is an experiment in the making just to see if we can plant the potatoes in late fall and survive the winter freeze and still grow potatoes. This winter has been a mild one so maybe another year this experiment may not work but again we must take chances when it comes to gardening. I will say there have been times when we dig potatoes we may overlook the little ones here and there and those most always sprout the following spring. The same thing happens with onion sets. When onions are finished making the tops will die off and often times they will be overlooked as well. I have several spots of onions coming up since last year.

    Some of you have seen my garden lay out. In older threads you will find pictures. As we go along this year there will be new pictures. Nothing new to see currently so will hold off on the pictures for now. I do want to point out that on the concrete cinder blocks we plant onions in the holes. You can plant up to 6 - 8 which are thinned out as you need the onions. Works very well and frees up space in your main garden. Also herbs can be planted in the holes. The blocks make nice garden plots. If I had enough money I would love to make my garden two blocks high to relieve some of the stress of bending so far down. Those of you with disabilities I do recommend at least a two block height. The higher you make it though the more soil you will need. Plain dirt can be placed on the bottom the good compost soil will go on the top. As the seasons go on remember to add leaves and other material to build up the soil.

    Will update more information as time goes on. This post will be used for other forum sites. Enjoy gardening everyone. You all can grow produce even if you have to plant in pots. Gardening is very good for your health. Not only for exercise but helping your body live healthier.

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