Small Indoor Patio - Andalucia


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    Post by Guest on Tue 10 Jun 2014, 7:19 pm

    My first uploaded images...hope this works!!  :)

    This last photo shows a small collection of cacti and succulents. The top shelf has a number of Stapelias and there is a wonderful story behind this!
    I have recently become fascinated with Stapelias but could find none in any of the local nurseries and all that was available was to buy seeds online (which I have done!).
    A few weeks ago I was with my wife in a local nursery to find out if the owner could get me some Stapelias from his supplier. I was told that due to the 'unpleasant fragrance' of the flowers the supplier had stopped getting them!  :lol2:
    The only other customer, a middle-aged spanish woman, was standing nearby waiting to be served and, having heard my conversation, spoke to my wife.
    My wife turned to me and told me that this woman lived nearby and that if we followed her home in her car she would happily give me several Stapelia cuttings from her patio garden!!!
    A small miracle!!!!   :smile:

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    Post by Guest on Thu 03 Jul 2014, 8:55 pm

    Hi Granny!!

    Plants look at me and run" .... 

    That made me chortle!!  :lol2:

    Joy, I was in another local nursery a couple of months ago and sadly it was clear they were not really looking after their plants and upon strolling around I found the 
    draceaena fragrans massangeana "Happy Plant"  out of it's pot and dumped in a dustbin!!

    I 'rescued it' and it seems to be recovering very well in it's new home!  :smile:

    This is a photo of our Ficus Elastica Tricolor.

    It was the first plant we bought and like most of it's type, had a single trunk. After a year some of the lower leaves had brown edges and looked sad and my wife, in her wisdem, decided to remove several of them. We now had a long trunk with 4 leaves at the top!!     :o 

    Last spring (2013) I removed the growing tip in the hope it would branch out .. and boy did that work!!! It branched out in 6 places and looks great!  :excited:

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