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    Post by Guest on Tue 30 Jul 2013, 5:11 am

    Hi Guys, long time no see !! I am back home for the summer, and well, my gardening has really skyrocketed, especially since I have been inspired by Debra Lee Baldwin ! Succulents have become my thing :P

    I have started making those 'living pictures', and need to start propagating a lot of succulents (Echeveria, houseleeks) but my luck with leaf cuttings has been anything cut :/

    So I was wondering, I have a cute lil Echeveria Glauca, with a few good established offshoots. If I cut those offshoots off, can I use them for propagating ? I can't seem to find a straight answer on the web. some say keep them in the shade, 2-3 weeks, roots will grow, others stay just cut and plant in soil etc. I don't want to damage my poor plant :/

    I also have a small pot of 'Rosary Beads'/ 'string of pearls' Senecio rowleyanus, think they would be good for hanging decorations, can I propagate them the same way ? cut a string, let it root, then grow ?

    Many thanks,
    Pamela :D
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    Post by Joy on Tue 30 Jul 2013, 1:59 pm

    Hi Pamela. :hello2:  Hope you are having a great summer. Yes, you should be able to remove (cut) the offshoots & plant them readily. My preference would be to wait until the offshoot is a reasonable size, & not too small, so it will have a better chance to establish itself  A dip into rooting hormone powder won't go amiss, either. I'm not really a fan of letting them lie around until roots grow before planting them. In nature they would take root wherever they were. 

    These plants spread quite well so should accommodate having pieces cut off (not so sure about just leaves though) without too much problem. 

    With your String of Pearls I do imagine it would very easily propagate from tip cuttings.  Some growers simply poke the tip cuttings straight back into the same pot to make the plant larger as it doesn't grow sideways or bush 0ut, apparently. Would imagine that it could spread from its roots sending up new shoots. Not sure about that though. :lol3:  Anyhow here is a link to a site which will give you some tips on propagating this attractive plant.  Good luck!! :luck: 

    String of Pearls - Propagation & care

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