The Echinopsis Flowers & The Honey Bees.

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    Post by Joy on Tue 23 Oct 2012, 3:00 pm

    Our echinopsis seminudus plants opened five flowers at once. This is unusual as the most they have ever had was three at a time. This time two of its pups had flowers as well. These flowers are magnificent, both to look at & smell.

    The fragrance is beautiful & is a super-attractant for honey bees, our native bees & other pollinators. This time a single honey bee & a hoverfly were early visitors to the flowers. The honey bee must have returned to the hive, did its little dance to let the other bees know where there was a good feed of nectar & pollen, because there was soon a constant stream of a large number of bees arriving. They were very busy,crawling about the pretty stamens & pistils, then leaving with their cargo of nutritious pollen in their pollen sacs.

    These flowers only last for a day & usually start closing their petals later in the afternoon. This time they were completely closed by the late morning. All their pollen & nectar had been exhausted so they shut up shop early. The strange thing about these plants is that they do not set seed so why do they need to be pollinated?? The plants reabsorb the nutrients in the flowers & their stems. When this has happened, the dried husks eventually drop off the plant leaving absolutely no sign of where the flowers had been.

    A strange & beautiful flower indeed.

    To enlarge the video, click onto the flower-shaped icon after the video has started.

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