Nun Orchid (Phaius Tankervilliae) Post-Bloom Pruning


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    Post by Guest on Wed 27 Jun 2012, 11:56 pm

    After watching a selection of Nun Orchids bloom in one of our local big box reno stores gardening section for a couple of months I took the plunge and bought one in the late spring of this year. It continued to bloom for another 6 weeks or so and then slowly declined as the flowers withered, dried and then blackened. Each of the 4 stems themselves have now begun to dry and wither and it is clear that they need to be pruned back. But how far back? Because there are four new stems growing quite vigorously my initial thougths are to prun back the old stems to their very base where there are still a few cm of green. Any recommendations and help would be appreciated.

    Thanks and Cheers

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    Post by Joy on Sat 30 Jun 2012, 11:38 am

    This sounds like a lovely & fairly hardy orchid, Carl. With my orchids it was advised to cut the finished flower stem down to about 5cms (2ins) from the bottom. Eventually this stump would dry up & was easily removed. Hope this helps.

    If you are thinking of repotting it, check for brown root rot. Most orchids seem to get some root rot. If your orchid does have some of this just cut them off, leaving the healthy ones. Dawn recommends sprinkling the roots with cinnamon as it is a natural disinfectant & this has kept her orchids' roots healthy. Also, most orchids like to be reasonably potbound. This is something I did not allow for when repotting my phalaenopsis orchids & they are not doing much at all. Too much room in their pots, I feel.

    Do hope your orchid does very well for you.

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